Retired DSP Baburam Adhikari and three land revenue office personnel face corruption charges

Kathmandu , may 18th 2019

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority filed corruption cases at the Special Court against former Deputy Superintendent of Police Baburam Adhikari and three government officials of Simara’s Land Revenue Office on Friday.

The commission had reportedly received a complaint against Adhikari for holding a fake academic certificate. Upon investigation, Adhikari was discovered to have fraudulent academic high school certificates from India.

“Adhikari had a fake certificate from the Board of High School and Intermediate Education in Uttar Pradesh. He had faked the certificate just to enrol in the Nepal Police,” Pradip Kumar Koirala, spokesperson for the commission, told the Post. According to the authority, Adhikari had doctored an Intermediate in Commerce (I.Com) certificate while joining the Nepal Police as a sub-inspector.

“Adhikari has already retired from the Nepal Police, but he has utilised the services of the Nepal government by faking his certificates, due to which a corruption case has been registered against him,” said Koirala.

Adhikari has been found guilty under then Corruption Control Act, 2017 and recent Corruption Control Act, 2059, said the authority.

Meanwhile, Land Revenue Office personnel--Land Revenue Office Chief Madan Prasad Gupta, Accountant Yugal Kishor Thakur and a senior non-gazetted officer Shatrughan Raut--have been accused of pocketing government revenue.

The anti-graft body said in press statement that the three individuals deposited Rs 45.87 million in their personal accounts instead of the government account on February 24 this fiscal year.

The CIAA has sought a 10-year jail term for the individuals as per the section 3 (1i) of the Corruption Prevention Act 2002 as well as confiscation of misappropriated revenue amount and fining of double of the misappropriated revenue as per section 7 of the Act.

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