880 samples tested in 34 days in Dhangadhi, all reports 'negative'

In Dhangadhi, 880 samples have been tested in the  last 34 days. since the start of corona testing through the RTPCR machine sent by the federal government.

 The RTPCR machine was sent to Dhangadhi on March 10 by the federal government.

According to the State Health Directorate, 880 samples were tested in the first 34 days 

The laboratory has a sample of 192 throat swabs for sample testing. The sample will be tested today.

From the beginning, the RTPCR machine has not been tested according to its capacity.

Few days ago, only 20 people were being tested for corona on an average, but in now more than 100 people are being tested daily, according to the laboratory..

Now the test are done through the RTPCR machine and not sending any more smaple to Kathmandu. 

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