Home Ministry cancels Movement passes across country , exempted for Essential Service

Due to sudden increase of COVID-19 infection , The Ministry of Home Affairs has restricted Movement of people from one place to another.

Effective from Saturday, the Ministry has rejected  all passes issued by district administration offices across the country. Passes issued in all 77 districts of the country that allowed movement of people within their districts have been cancelled. Movement between one district to another had already been stopped except within Kathmandu Valley.

 Decision has been taken in the wake of new corona virus infection being detected in Kathmandu increasing  since Tuesday.

"According to Umakanta Adhikari, information officer at MoHA, all passes issued previously have been canceled except for the following:

  • Ambulances, Shav Bahan, and fire engines
  • Flag bearing vehicles
  • Diplomatic missions, persons and organisations with diplomatic immunity and facilities
  • Journalists and media workers equipped with the pass issued by Press Council
  • Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, hospital staffers, workers engaged in medicine transportation and distribution
  • Workers engaged in drinking water supply and repairs
  • Waste management staff
  • Employees of big grocery stores
  • Vehicles transporting essential goods and service
As of today, 246 cases of COVID-19 infection have been confirmed in the country.

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