Migrant workers rescued from Dasgaja area in Susta

Migrant workers who came  to Dasgaja area from various cities of India after some restrictions on transportation services such as buses and railways were eased there.

The local Muncipality had rescued them  from Dasgaja and quarantined them in the rural municipality last evening.

The rural municipality has managed food and health check-up for quarantined people. A total of 131 persons have been quarantined in the rural municipality.

Security forces along the border area People  say that they are coordinating with higher-ups to rescue people stranded at the border area. If they are not brought in safely, they will enter the country through unauthorized entry points and Create threat to their families and communities.

 Looking at the current situation all over the world it has become mandatory to thoroughly check the People who are returning back and then only allow  them to enter to their Native places.

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