Rescue flights to begin today, nearly 150 migrants likely to arrive from UAE

The Government of Nepal has started to begin rescuing the migrants from various countries today.

This mission is fro the migrants who are desperately waiting to return to our home country as few lost jobs and few others were struck because of Lockdown.

According to the Officials, more than 150 migrants from the UAE would come home today in a chartered flight. For the same, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinating with the Embassy of Nepal in Abu Dhabi.

All citizens coming home from abroad would be kept under quarantine facilities after their health checkups. After completing all the processes in the quarantines, they would be sent to their respective homes.

As per Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Harischandra Ghimire said that around 40,000 Nepalis are expected to come home during this time and details are collected from different diplomatic missions abroad.

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