This is how Solar Eclipse will look like

The solar eclipse that is said to be visible today has started. According to Jayant Acharya, an associate professor in the Department of Astrology, Valmiki Campus, this eclipse is actually a solar eclipse (only visible in the shape of an ear). According to him, a solar eclipse will be seen from Nepal only after 44 years.

This is the year's longest solar eclipse

This eclipse can be seen from Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Muscat, Yemen, Oman, southern part of Pakistan, Dehradun of India, Kurukshetra, Tibet of China, etc., while only partial solar eclipse will be seen from Nepal. From Nepal's territory of Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani, the sun will be covered up to 98 percent. According to Acharya, up to 88 percent of the sun is visible from Kathmandu. Let's see more pictures of solar eclipse seen from Kathmandu.

People can view the celestial event from 10:52 am to 2:32 pm. Obscuration of the sun by the moon at the time of greatest phase of the partial eclipse will be 82 percent in Kathmandu, 88 percent in Pokhara, 81 percent in Bhadrapur, 82 percent in Janakpur and the highest, 93 percent in Kalapani of Sudurpaschip Province.

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