Sample of nearly 221 people have been tested through Dhangadhi laboratory in Last 24hrs

TheSample of 221 people has been tested in the last 24 hours through the Dhangadhi laboratory. 

According to the information provided by the state health directorate, corona tests have been carried out on 221 people in the last 24 hours, but all have reported negative.

 Similarly, samples of 552 swabs are yet to be tested.

Similarly, rapid tests have been conducted on 107 people in the last 24 hours across the far western states. Rapid tests have shown antibodies in five people.

According to Baitadi Health Office Chief Yogesh Prasad Bhat, the five policemen have been tested positive through Rapid tests conducted. All the five Policeman are kept in isolation at the District Hospital, Baitadi. 

Meanwhile the Police office is also Sealed.

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