A young man confirmed COVID -19 after four days of reaching Attaria

 A 35-year-old youth of Sattala in Dailekh district's 28th municipality was confirmed to have corona infection on Monday.

He had gone to Dailekh from Mahendranagar on May 20. The man, who works at a cold store in Agra, India, had come from Agra to Banbasa, a western store on the western Indian border, in a Cold Store vehicle.

T he man was kept in quarantine for 35 days.Later, he was kept in Mahendranagar for one night and was also tested there. After reserving a vehicle and rescuing from Mahendranagarhe was quarantined at Laxmi Secondary School Sattala along with 39 others, ”said Ward Chairman of Ward No. 1 Parvasingh Bishwakarma.

Stating that swabs were collected for everyone's PCR test on Saturday, ward chairperson Bishwakarma said that the corona was confirmed in the 35-year-old youth. Preparations have been made to bring the infected to isolation in Dailekh District Hospital.

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