The number of infected people in Kailali has reached 236.Will there be a complete Lock down?

In Kailali, the capital of the state in the far west, the corona has been confirmed in 236 people till Saturday, according to the Health Directorate, Doti. Three of them have died due to infection while four others have returned home from Seti Provincial Hospital after fully recovering. However, according to a new directive issued by the Ministry of Health, 46 people were discharged from the hospital after treatment.

All but four returned home after 14 days of isolation. According to the statistics, four of the confirmed corona infections in Kailali have been discharged after two negative reports and three have died. Two hundred and twenty-nine infected people are in isolation and home isolation of various hospitals.

In such a situation, can there be complete lockdown in the district? Chief District Officer of Kailali Yagya Raj Bohara says that the decision has not been reached yet. Prajia Bohara told Dinesh Khabar that if there is a demand from the citizens at the local level, they can consider tightening the lockdown.

He said that there is no possibility of immediate complete lockdown as even the local levels can do Lockdown in their area.

Complete Lockdown in the Godavari

The Godavari Municipality of Kailali, on the other hand, has completely shut down the city. Stating that the risk of infection has increased, the municipality has issued a complete lockdown until further notice.

Local industrialists and traders have also helped in the lockdown by closing down the market. Chief District Officer of Kailali, Yagya Raj Bohara, also said that complete logging could be done in the high-risk areas.

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